A Banner Given, A Banner Received


Before leaving Lititz we had our elementary children sign a banner to be given to the GROW kids. This banner was given to them on Monday. Heidi shared with the children that this banner was covered with prayers and was to remind them that they are loved by children on the other side of the world.

Then the children were asked to write on another banner that will come back to Lititz. It will be hung in our elementary room and will be a reminder to pray for GROW, the children and it’s continuing ministry. The children eagerly wrote their names and drew pictures. We concluded this time with prayer for the children.


We are excited to bring this banner back along with some pictures so that we can build a lasting relationship between GraceKids and GROW kids.

Warm Welcome: Bicycle with a Story


IMG_1115 - Copy

As you may have already heard, Joan and Heidi have made it safely to Thailand! We were so excited to receive this update from Heidi shortly following their arrival.  Please remember to keep Heidi, Joan, and the GROW staff and children in your prayers. Enjoy!

We arrived at the GROW home on Sunday evening to a warm welcome. The children and staff stood on either side of the driveway waving flags and arms showing their excitement. We were blessed and look forward to our time together over the next two weeks.
We are off to a great start…earlier in the day we picked up a bicycle for one of the boys. Although it was an ordinary bike for a young boy it represented an extraordinary story of a life being changed.
This young boy came to the GROW home over three years ago at the age of seven. He and his father lived on the streets. In desperation and hopelessness the father tried to end his life and his son’s life two times. After the second attempt the boy was rescued by Faa and has been living at the GROW home since then. During the past few years the father has changed and is now able to hold a job. This father and son are able to talk on a weekly basis. Their relationship has improved and the trust is growing. His father recently saved some money and wanted to buy his son a gift, a bike. We were able to witness the joy and excitement this boy experienced at receiving this first gift from his father.
This boy continues to pray for his father and we are excited to see how God will work through his prayers.

– Heidi and Joan