Tour of GROW…

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…always a project going on. Tuesday, we walked around the GROW property as Faa shared about the current construction projects and her future vision to reach at-risk children and the community around them. They are currently finishing up a bath house for the girls home and are also working on one for the boys. They just dug two big holes for future fish ponds that will hopefully be lined, filled and stocked in November. These fish will be for eating and also to sell. The rice will soon be ready to harvest and will provide a portion of their need for the year.¬† What a beautiful property and view!

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Today as well as over the next week we are helping Faa design and set up a small inside kitchen. We took measurements and went shopping for a sink and cabinets, however no purchases have been made yet.

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When the children got home from school they gathered their laundry to wash. Joan helped the little ones. Then we were allowed to play! Heidi and Joan brought a kickball with them and taught them how to play. We had a lot of fun and loved making Faa run after the ball. After dinner it was time to work on homework until bed around 8:00pm.

We had a great day of connecting with the kids and staff!

– Heidi and Joan

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