Swimming and an American Meal


Over the past two days we have had such fun with the kids here at GROW. On Wednesday we took the children to a swimming pool at a local hotel. There was a lot of laughter as they chased each other, dove for coins, and simply enjoyed the water. It was a perfect day for swimming. The children had been praying for no rain and God provided with lots of sunshine and high temperatures.



Then, on Thursday, we were able to make an “American meal” and the women on staff joined in to learn as we made spaghetti, garlic bread, and a garden salad. Prior to our meal, we made brownies with them and then another batch with some of the children. The children all seem to enjoy this treat as many of them had seconds and even thirds of spaghetti and salad. And who can resist a gooey, chocolate brownie?!?



While our time with the children is short each day, we are enjoying the time we get to the fullest. And, due to the children being in school, we are also enjoying the extra time with the staff. The team of men and women that God has put together here is amazing and God is using them in life-changing ways in these children’s lives.