Update from Thailand: Feeling Like Family


We have experienced a variety of activities over the last couple of days. At Monday’s staff meeting, several shared how the village visit impacted them. Then Joan finished up the last of a series of lessons of bible storytelling and the staff had their weekly meeting. It was nice to hear several share how they learned from the training provided and are interested in more training. We are all starting to feel more like family.


After lunch, Heidi, Faa, and Joan went into the larger town of Chaing Rai to shop for kitchen cabinets for the small kitchen we are helping Faa design. We found a much better selection and are ready to place an order; unfortunately, we won’t be around to see it finished.

IMG_1299                      IMG_1301

Tuesday, we primed some logs in preparation for the rice harvest. We were hoping to help harvest the rice but it won’t be ready before we leave. We also worked on organizing and preparing a room to be used in the future as the “medicine” room. We are looking for a locked cabinet to store medications safely out of the reach of the children.


Almost each evening after school we get to spend time with the children. We have been sharing a new game or activity with them each day. Since we can’t hold a conversation with them, we do a lot of smiling, clapping our hands with excitement, and give a lot of thumbs up!