Give Hope: Water Street Ministries

water street

For over 100 years, Water Street Ministries has been serving to meet the practical needs of homeless men, women, and children who live in Lancaster. We recently received a newsletter sharing some testimonies of those whom they have helped and had to share it with you. God is so good!

From Hurt to Hope

After a series of unfortunate events, Antoine found himself sitting on a cot in a room built of cinder blocks with a locked door. It was during that stay in jail when he had the time – and desire – to read the entire Bible. Antoine had come to a place in his life where poverty meant more than just a lack of money.

“I dropped out of seventh grade, and when I came to Water Street I had a third grade reading level,” he said. 

Antoine needed to focus on a few important goals while staying at the Mission. One such goal was to get his GED. It wasn’t that Antoine didn’t have the intelligence – he speaks French and English fluently – but his journey through life was an example of how, as humans, we can lose focus on the important things and therefore never succeed. When he came to Water Street he chose to accept guidance to start a new future. While here, he was introduces to God’s redeeming grace through the counseling and holistic care at the Mission.

“I was lost. Sometimes we think we can do it by ourselves, but we have to fully surrender. God is in control.”

Two years have passed since Antoine moved out of homelessness. He is actively engaged in a local church, works full-time, and sticks with his commitment to his men’s small group for on-going spiritual support and growth.

If you meet Antoine, you’ll notice two pieces of jewelry: his new gold wedding band proclaiming his forever commitment to his newlywed-wife and a worn gold chain with a tiny mite hanging around his neck. Antoine says, with purpose, “I wear this necklace because of it’s story.”

The story Antoine is referring to is about the widow who donated a few low-valued coins (mites) to the temple treasury. Jesus saw her give all she had and then told His disciples, “Truly I tell you, this poor widow has put more into the treasury than all the others. They all gave out of their wealth; but she, out of her poverty, put in everything – all she had to live on.”

Antoine felt like he had nothing left to give when he arrived at Water Street, but what little energy he did have to change he gave. He says he received everything he needed and more. Today, because of God’s unconditional love and the tangible provisions extended to Antoine, he is a thankful man living a rich life.

This story, along with many others was shared by Water Street in their Messenger Newsletter. Read and learn more about the good things the Mission is doing here.

Opportunity to serve: We received an urgent call from Water Street Ministries asking for volunteers, anyone, for any amount of time, as soon as possible. If you are passionate about serving, this is a perfect opportunity to love our neighbors by meeting their practical needs. If you are interested in helping, go here.