Grace Hands and Hearts Reaching the Streets of Philadephia: Urban Hope

uhtripThe neighborhoods around Urban Hope may look a lot different than here in Lititz, but in many ways they are much the same. On the streets are many people and people’s needs are the same, because all people need JESUS.

God is doing a very great work around the streets of UH; God is changing lives one at a time. In many instances, a changed life began with a knock on the door and a walk to Kingdom Kids on a Sunday afternoon.

This past Sunday on October 12th, 7 teens and 7 adults went on a Short Term Missions Day Trip to help and serve at Urban Hope in Philadelphia.

After a short 75 mile ride down the PA Turnpike we arrived around 11:30 a.m. on Tioga Street in Philadelphia. We unloaded and joined up with 35 folks from the Altoona Church that came down Saturday to help with the Kingdom Kids program.

After a quick lunch over at the UH Youth Center we gathered for worship at 12:30. The Director, Jason Holt assisted by Omar Rodriguez, ministered together and gave a great challenge message on “Pursuing God with all of our hearts.”

Our heart is our character and our internal control center that reflects who we really are, the “real me.”

Immediately after the worship service, we set up the auditorium for the afternoon Kingdom Kids Program then gathered in the basement for an orientation meeting. We were then given our assignment and lists of children we were to escort safely from their homes to the UH Church.

What a beautiful things to know that God had already gone before us and prepared our paths and our hearts to serve.

Scripture teaches us 3 things that our hearts should desire as Christians:

1. We are to be Committed

2. We are to be Faithful

3. We are to be Obedient to the Lord

The team from GRACE Church today also reflects the heart of God; Committed, Faithful, and Obedient hearts putting their faith into action going into the ripe harvest fields and showing the love and compassion of Jesus Christ, desiring none to be left behind.


In about half hour, around 100 kids or more were gathered at Kingdom Kids singing, having fun, and learning about God’s love through teaching and skits.

We can accomplish great things and add to the Kingdom of God when we are willing to give up ourselves and invest in the lives of others to bring them into the saving grace through Jesus Christ.

After walking the kids back to their homes and a quick debriefing, a philly chease steak from a nearby carry-out restaurant was in order.

God is retaking the streets around UH but He needs your hands and feet to serve Him there. Please consider joining us on the next trip to help with the Kingdom Kids Ministry on Sunday, December 7!