If you could dream up a solution to solve world-wide malnutrition, what would it be? Would it be something like the water from the rock miracle in Exodus? Or perhaps, a tree of life?

Yes, a tree. One that springs up quickly and grows in barren land. And from the roots to the leaves, it offers an abundance of nutrition, healing, and can even be used to purify water. You need not imagine. Such a “miracle” tree exists; it is called the Moringa Tree.

Let us introduce you to CPR-3, a ministry based out of Coatesville, PA that is striving to create a healthier world, physically and spiritually. Providing and planting Moringa trees to the people of Haiti is just part of how CPR-3 aims to breathe life into places that have been struck by crisis and poverty.

Below are some interesting facts about Moringa. Learn more about Moringa and CPR-3 here.

More About the Moringa Tree:

  1. Once established it sends a tap root down to the water table making it drought tolerant.
  2. It is a nitrogen fixer and can be used as a fertilizer.
  3. It is a livestock feed
  4. It grows tall and lacy if left unchecked so it is good for forest gardening
  5. The seed is used to clarify water
  6. The seed oil never goes rancid and is used in fine machinery
  7. The seed oil burns clean and is a good source for heat and light
  8. It is a sustainable food source for third world countries where malnutrition is prevalent.


7 times more

Vitamin C than in an orange


4 times more

Vitamin A than in a carrot


4 times more

calcium than in milk


3 times more

Potassium than in a banana


3 times more

Iron than in spinach


3 times more

Vitamin E than in almonds