On Thailand: A Reflection from Heidi


I want to start by thanking you for your prayers, encouragement and support as Joan and I traveled to Thailand to visit GROW. Many of you prayed very specifically for my back pain, and those prayers are so greatly appreciated and were such a sustaining source of encouragement to me. In addition to your prayers, Faa, the staff, and the children at GROW added their own prayers for my back to be healed and the pain to be taken away. I believe that the combined prayers are what gave me relief for the second week we were there as well as on the flight home. Thank you! Prayer is powerful, even when the answer may not be what we were hoping for.

grow staff

For me, one of the biggest impacts to my heart was just being able to build relationships with Faa, the staff, and the children. Language was at times a barrier, but laughter can be shared no matter one’s language and there are some universal hand motions that translate. It was great to spend devoted time with the staff and to get to know them and know how to pray for them as they serve. And it was fun to play games and teach new games to the children. One of my favorite moments was when one of the boys very shyly approached me and asked me to play football (soccer) with the boys. “Pii Heidi, football?” Of course, I said yes and it was fun to run, laugh and play a game that we all understood.

Another highlight was getting to meet the children and hear their stories. And while many of their stories are filled with pain and heartbreak, it is amazing to hear about the transformation that is also taking place. These changes are not only evident in the children themselves, but are also evident in their families. The journey these children are experiencing is filled with God’s grace, redemption, and restoration. It is a powerful thing to see these stories being written.

As I reflect on the time that we spent in Thailand, I love that God and His Word transcends cultures, languages and experiences. He is constant. And I was once again reminded that He desires to write powerful stories with all of our lives because He is brought glory through transformed hearts.


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