Orphan Justice: Orphan and Human Trafficking (Ch. 2)


It’s hard to speak into an issue as daunting as human trafficking and sex slavery. Hearing statistics that tell us “in 2007,  slave traders brought in more profit than Starbucks, Google, and Nike combined” is terrifying. What could ever halt this monster that rakes in an estimated $32 billion every year? Where do we begin?

After reading the second chapter of Orphan Justice, I think that’s just it: we begin. We begin to face the reality that whether daily life reminds us or not, there are people all over the world living every day under the burden of slavery, mental and physical brutality. We begin to educate ourselves to understand the problem and be proactive so that we might become part of the solution. We begin to ask God to give us His heart for those who are suffering. We begin…

“No longer can we stand idly by while coercion, deception, and brute force rob the lives of vulnerable women and children around the world and in our own communities.” In the shadow of something so overwhelming, we often try to cope by focusing our attention towards more “manageable” issues and dialogues.

“There is no easy answer.”

But there is always a starting point. And we should not delay in finding our starting point in an effort to “speak up for those who have no voice, for the justice of all who are dispossessed” (Prov. 31:8). If you’re interested in learning more about some practical ways to engage with the issue of orphan and human trafficking, pick up a free copy of Orphan Justice at the missions table in the church lobby.