Family was God’s Idea


We live in an area rich with passion and loyalty towards family. Next week, the holiday madness kicks off and many of us will find ourselves sitting in a packed-out house buzzing with laughter,the  old and glorious family tales, squeals from the newest additions, and all-around goodness. Beauty in the familiar simplicity of a holiday, or any day, with family.

“Man made orphanages for children, but God made the family for children.”

It makes sense, doesn’t it? That as we think of the beauty in our family, we are reminded that God designed us for this. Long ago, He knew that all the quirks, challenges, and oak-strong bonds between family would stir up great passion and love in our hearts. Family was God’s idea. But have we limited our understanding of His design for family?

When we are saved, we are adopted into God’s family. We, a church family, the body of Christ. Yet, all around us, in America and the rest of the world, families are broken. Sickness, divorce, abuse all come crashing in on the remnant of the design God began. But we know that in the initial blueprints for family, God alone is the foundation; there is no alternative.

I think many of us who cherish family so deeply at Grace do so because we recognize it is a thing from the Lord and we are to be responsible in caring for it. We are familiar with the design; we see it’s strength. When a family-member is in trouble, especially a child, uncles, aunts, cousins, siblings, parents, they all come out of the woodwork to lend their support and love, no matter the challenge, no matter the sacrifice. This is God’s design for His family, the church. There are many in need. There are children in need.

Take time to be thankful for your family and our eternal family. But also, reflect and ask God if He is calling you, a member of His family, to come out of the woodwork for someone. Maybe it is an actual family member or a friend, or someone at church who is on the front line of caring for the fatherless. Maybe it is your neighbor, or a foster child in desperate need of consistency and love in their life.

We are loving reading through Orphan Justice. Johnny Carr’s insight from his personal experience and his heart for God’s call on our lives in caring for the fatherless is powerful. There is a lot to think about but Carr provides us with practical ways to begin to answer the call. If you like, you can pick up a FREE copy at the missions table at church this Sunday.