Love Travels: A conversation with Kris McKinney

Yesterday, we heard from Cindy Frederick as she steps out of her comfort zone for the sake of sharing the gospel. Today, we’re sharing a conversation we had with Kristina McKinney recently about her plans, GOD’S plans, and how learning to step out in faith and follow Him is changing her life.

GRACE: Hey Kris, we were excited to hear from you about what God’s doing in your life right now. 11 countries. In 11 months? Tell us about it! Did you have any clue the 20-year-old you would be doing something like this?

KRIS: In September 2015, I will be leaving to travel to 11 countries in 11 months. It’s called The World Race. In each country I will be serving alongside local ministries to reach out to the people of those communities. This means I will be working in orphanages, hospitals, schools, churches and more.

God truly does know me better than I know myself because I always assumed I would be going to college at this point in my life and yet when He called me to serve through Adventures in Missions, I realized how small my plans were compared to His.

GRACE: Definitely. And the God-sized plans always require a lot more faith than our own. So, has there been a specific verse you’ve been keeping on-hand to help you navigate through this process of “stepping out”?

KRIS:  Exodus 14:14 “The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.”

 This has been an incredible reminder as I face my first obstacle to entering the mission field: MONEY. I have the tendency to feel this all depends on me. The truth is actually the opposite. God is the one and only provider. Yes, I have to work hard. But from there, I leave the results up to His divine plan.

GRACE: Anytime God calls us to step out, there is always tension, obstacles, if you will (fear, worry, etc). What are some things you keep in mind as you continue to follow God’s leading?

KRIS: When I begin to feel anxious and question how this all will work out I keep in mind how important it is to be Christ to the world. It is no small thing to live out your faith. It is no small thing to tell others about it, no matter where you are.

GRACE: Do you have any advice for someone who might be feeling the Spirit “tugging” at their heart to step out for the sake of the Kingdom?

KRIS: There is nothing more satisfying than knowing at the end of the day you have done exactly what God has asked of you. Fear is a tactic that the Enemy works all too well in our lives. It will keep us from the blessing God desires to give to us when we obey. Listen carefully to the Holy Spirit and suppress your fears, knowing that God smiles at our obedience. I can’t think of anything more beautiful than placing a smile on our Creator’s face.

 GRACE: Okay, so what can we do? What can we pray for? How can someone interested in supporting you get involved?

KRIS: I need both prayer warriors and financial supporters. Please pray for my heart as I prepare to leave. I want to glorify God in all that I do, having the attitude of Christ so that the people who I serve will see Christ through me. Also, please pray for me as I start to fundraise. I am at the very beginning of a large goal. Pray that as I work hard, the finances will begin to come in. Kristina McKinney Shirt1

If God has placed it on your heart to financially partner with me, support can be given when visiting my blog and clicking on the “Support me!” link on the lefthand side. All gifts are tax deductible. I am also selling T-Shirts as a fundraiser for $25. All proceeds will go directly towards my trip. If you would be interested in purchasing a T-Shirt, please e-mail me at Thank you for taking the time to learn about how God has been working in my life! I am excited to serve Jesus where He has called me as a short term missionary.

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