Reflecting on Haiti (Pt. 3)


It’s been almost two weeks since we landed back in the States. And, I’ll tell you what, the moment we touched down in New York, it felt like we hit the ground running…hard. Before I opened my eyes on Sunday, the next morning, my mind and heart were still expecting to wake up to Haiti. The sound of  roosters crying for the sunrise; the sound of Marianne, the caretaker at the Institute, shuffling  past our door.  My favorite time of day in Haiti, was then, when the eastern sky was just starting to show tints of the coming day. Climbing the steps to the roof, I would catch my first view of the surrounding village, still asleep. And in that quiet, I was filled. Filled with love, spending those first moments of the day and that experience with my Savior. Filled with fresh hope, as He whispered to me, “I am big enough for your world and this world. When you feel overwhelmed, remember that I am not. I am here.” And my heart would be filled with anticipation.

Every morning, I was filled with anticipation to see those precious faces.

IMG_0358If you’re planning on going to Haiti, make sure you’re ready to leave a piece of your heart behind with the children. They are a constant reminder of the possibility of immovable faith among devastation, hope among hurt. But every time they climbed into our laps, reached for our hands, giggled through games, and chatted our ears off, I was reminded of this truth: And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love. So, in the early twilight, my prayers would rise up, asking God to let His love be made known through us to those children. The village kids at the Institute, the orphans at House of Hope, the students at Bord-de-Mer. God, may they know your love.




 So, when I opened my eyes on that first morning back home, my heart saw their faces but my eyes flooded with tears. 

There is a song by Brooke Fraser called Albertine; in it, she shares her story of meeting a girl in Rwanda. The chorus of the song gets me every time. “Now that I have seen, I am responsible.”  What a beautiful burden to carry, one that reminds us to live on mission for Christ wherever we are. And God has chosen to use us as vessels of His love. Even this morning, I woke up hearing Rosalyn’s giggle and seeing Peteson’s smile. And still, miles apart, my heart will continue to cry out for them to know His love.


We are sending another team to Haiti in June (20-27). This trip will be specifically focused on these children, showing and teaching them about God’s love. If you want to join what God is doing in and through Grace Church and Haiti, email me at Applications are at the missions table and available online.

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