Haiti Reflection: Medical Team (pt. 2)

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Hopefully you were able to read part 1,¬†Shelly’s reflection,¬†from the March 2016 Medical Missions Team to Haiti. We’re back again this week with part two from Jessica Martin.

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|| Jessica ||

My experience in Haiti this year was not what I expected. And in many ways, that turned out to be a good thing. Those of you readers who have walked with the Lord for a while know full well that our expectations always pale in comparison to His plans.

This was my second time in Haiti and I served on the same medical team the last time I went. I knew that I would be assigned the same post as last year–laboratory technologist. And I knew most of the team I was going to be working with and was familiar with the facilities where we would stay and visit while in-country. This brought me a sense of comfort that I was not afforded last year when I went to Haiti the first time.

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However, once again, God has a way of exceeding our expectations and stretching us in new ways for His glory. This trip was different from start to finish. From arguing with officials at customs in Cap Haitien to get our luggage filled with medicine through to the long hours worked every day at the clinic, our team quickly learned the meaning of flexibility. This particular part of our journey was a surprise to me, and became a turning point in the week for me. It was such a blessing to have spent time in Bord-de-Mer to set up our very first mobile clinic at the church that Grace Church partners with through Caribbean Vision Ministries. There, in Bord-de-Mer, we experienced just a small taste of the spiritual warfare that exists in Haiti. This church is strategically set in the middle of voodoo territory, where the eerie drums can be heard from a distance as if in protest every time a team visits–again, just a glimpse into the every-day life our Haitian brothers and sisters live. But, as always, we were protected by Almighty God whom the practitioners of voodoo fear.

But many of our patients who came to the clinic through the week expressed fear from warnings they had received from the voodoo practitioners against coming to our clinic. The witch doctors try to scare their patients and tell them that if they don’t return to them for their medical help, they or their loved ones would die. We were able to pray with each of our patients and I believe that God will protect them from evil as He has protected us.

Pray for Haiti. Pray against this evil that resides there. Pray for strength for the Pastors and their families who minister to these people every day.


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