H2O Testimony: Heather & Nevin Spade


spade fam

God used the long road of infertility to prepare us for adoption. We didn’t expect our lives to include adoption. It wasn’t something we talked about or wished for. It wasn’t a calling we felt from God. We assumed that our family would expand in the traditional way. After years of trying, years of failed fertility treatments, tears and heartache, we reached a crossroads. Taking about a year to do nothing about our inability to conceive, we used thettime to pray and seek God’s will. As the months went by, God gave us peace about our situation. He had allowed this in our lives, and what He allows, He also uses. So we wondered, how was He going to use this loss and pain to glorify Himself? That’s when adoption crept into our conversation.

 When we started the adoption process, we weren’t considering open adoption. We had many misconceptions about what an open adoption might look like. However, as we became educated through required readings and classes, God began to change our hearts. We ultimately decided that open adoption was the path we wanted to pursue. At just the right time, God brought us together with a woman who had decided to place her child for adoption. As a result, God has blessed us not only with a beautiful daughter, but also a close and loving relationship with her birth mother and family.

 There is no question that God was in control of every aspect of our adoption journey, infertility and all. We saw Him work both in obvious ways and behind the scenes as we trusted His sovereign plan for our family. We watched Him open and close doors, as He led us through the long and emotional process. God’s ways are higher than ours and He knows what is best for His children. He used a situation in our lives that we wouldn’t have necessarily chosen ourselves, to show us His love in a tangible way. Our journey has only just begun and we are excited to see where He leads!

-Nevin and Heather Spade

So thankful for Nevin and Heather and their willingness to share about how God placed adoption on their hearts.  If you have any questions about an “open adoption,” an adoption where a birth parent and adoptive parents continue a relationship after an adoption takes place, please feel free to ask Nevin and Heather. Today’s blog is from Grace Church’s H2O Ministry Newsletter–if you would like to receive this monthly newsletter via email, please email alweaver@meetgrace.org.

Finally, our H2O Movie Night is coming up next week!  Invite a family to the Café on Saturday, May 21st at 6:30 pm to see “Chestnut: Hero of Central Park” and enjoy some free movie treats as well!  Let’s fill up the Café! We will have the tables and chairs set up in the café but if you want, you are welcome to bring blankets, etc for front-row seating!

Please pray for a God to be glorified through our event, for meaningful connections to be made in our church body, and for visitors from the community to be blessed by our efforts to reach out to them.

~For His Kingdom~

Learn to do good. Seek justice. Help the oppressed. Defend the cause of orphans. Fight for the rights of widows.

Isaiah 1:17