Update on Prayer Request for Saran (Cambodian National Ministry Partner)

To all those who joined us in praying for Saran, we’ve received good news from our friends who serve in Cambodia through Encompass with our Cambodian National Ministry Partners! All praise and glory to God:

Dear Praying family and friends,

On behalf of Saran, Sophanet and the two of us, we would all like to thank you for your prayers for Saran and all of us!

Praise God for prayer, faith, good doctors, hospitals, and medicine and many many other things.

We got here yesterday after 4:00pm, and they did so many tests, evaluations and had many questions for Saran. By 7:30pm, Saran was in surgery and it was finished about 45 minutes later. The surgeon removed 3 of his toes which were dead and had no blood going to them. he came out of recovery and came to his room about 11:00pm where the three of us were waiting. He looked good, just a little groggy. We prayed with him and asked him some questions, which he was able to answer. We went to our hotel room and Sophanet stayed with him in his hospital room on the couch.

This morning, first thing we went to see him soon after 7:00am and he was awake and they had already cleaned it and put new dressing on his foot. he was his cheerful self and Sophanet too, was rested and doing well!…

I want to thank so many of you for writing to them and us, we really appreciate it! Thanks so much for your prayers! They have been a great encouragement to all of us!! 

Praise God again and again!

In Christ’s love,

Kevin and Jill


Urgent Prayer Request: Cambodian Ministry Partner

Greetings Grace Church family!

We wanted to share with you prayer warriors an update from missionaries Kevin and Jill Kane regarding one of the Cambodian Ministry Partners, Saran, who is in need of prayer! Please read the last two updates and join us in prayer for our brother!







Dear Prayer Partners,

Thanks for your prayers for our CMP Saran. In the last letter we told you that he found out about two months ago that he is diabetic when he slipped and jammed his toes. We had mention that the injury was serious as he ended up with serious open wounds on his foot and leg after they became very swollen.

Since that letter Saran said he did not want to go to Handa Hospital here in Battambang unless the wounds on his foot got worse. Two months ago he had seen two doctors that wanted to amputate his toes. He wanted to take a wait and see approach. He and his family, along with many others prayed for him. He was trusting God to heal him, and though that God would by being patient.

Last Saturday, Jill and I made appointments for each of us at the hospital we go to in bangkok to have some things checked out. Later that day Saran called us to tell us that his foot was worse and that he wanted to go to the hospital in Bangkok. He had someone commit to helping with expenses. 

We asked him to first go to the Handa hospital here before we go to Bangkok. He did go and the doctor said that it is good that he wants to go to Bangkok and that it is urgent for him to do so. Jill saw his toes and part of his foot, and it is much worse than a week before. 

So Sunday after the doctor’s visit Jill went to Phnom Penh with Saran and Sophanet to get passports so they can go to Thailand. Monday morning it took about 5 hours for the whole process of waiting in line and then filling out paperwork. They paid extra to get the 3 day rush job, as time is of the essence in getting him to the hospital. The official that helped them is trying to get the passports to us tonight (about a 30 hr. rush job) as Jill showed him pictures of Saran’s foot.

Please pray for:

-Traveling safety and that it is not too tiring for Saran. (It is about a 7-8 hour trip via car taxi)

-Wisdom for the medical staff that will be treating him and wisdom for Saran and Sophanet about what will be done.

-Pray for us as we get checked out for our personal physical needs

Thanks for your prayers, love, and support

Kevin and Jill

UPDATE 2: Received Wednesday, June 29

Dear Prayer Partners,

We arrived in Bangkok at the hospital at 4pm. The admissions nurse looked at a picture of Saran’s foot and they called the surgeon in an hour early.

In two and a half hours they have looked at his foot, did an EKG, x-rays, and did tests to see if he is strong enough for surgery and at 7pm they will perform the surgery if everything checks out ok.

We are praising God that they said they only need to remove three toes and not more. Pray that as they perform the surgery that it will show that is all that is needed.

Sophanet can stay in his room, which has a couch she can sleep on and a small kitchenette. This is a great hospital!

We will give an update later.

We will provide updates as we receive them but please join with us in prayer for Saran, his doctors, and the Kanes.