Update on Prayer Request for Saran (Cambodian National Ministry Partner)

To all those who joined us in praying for Saran, we’ve received good news from our friends who serve in Cambodia through Encompass with our Cambodian National Ministry Partners! All praise and glory to God:

Dear Praying family and friends,

On behalf of Saran, Sophanet and the two of us, we would all like to thank you for your prayers for Saran and all of us!

Praise God for prayer, faith, good doctors, hospitals, and medicine and many many other things.

We got here yesterday after 4:00pm, and they did so many tests, evaluations and had many questions for Saran. By 7:30pm, Saran was in surgery and it was finished about 45 minutes later. The surgeon removed 3 of his toes which were dead and had no blood going to them. he came out of recovery and came to his room about 11:00pm where the three of us were waiting. He looked good, just a little groggy. We prayed with him and asked him some questions, which he was able to answer. We went to our hotel room and Sophanet stayed with him in his hospital room on the couch.

This morning, first thing we went to see him soon after 7:00am and he was awake and they had already cleaned it and put new dressing on his foot. he was his cheerful self and Sophanet too, was rested and doing well!…

I want to thank so many of you for writing to them and us, we really appreciate it! Thanks so much for your prayers! They have been a great encouragement to all of us!! 

Praise God again and again!

In Christ’s love,

Kevin and Jill