South Africa Series: Kathy McClure (part 1)


Kathy McClure, a friend of ours at Grace Church, recently returned home after travelling to South Africa on an advocacy trip with a ministry called Take Action. Kathy documented her trip through an email newsletter and after reading the first one that Pastor Ivanildo forwarded to me, I thought: I HAVE to ask her if I can share these to our Grace Church family. Over the next week, I’ll be sharing Kathy’s letters back home from her time overseas and I hope you are as blessed and encouraged as I was reading them.

I made it to South Africa!

It’s so exciting to email you from South Africa! I hope to email you a very quick email every evening (South African time – which will probably be your afternoon).

On Thursday, I had a flight from Philadelphia to JFK, followed by a 6 hour flight to Amsterdam. That flight went pretty well. Our layover in Amsterdam was about 4 hours, and from about 2am to 6am (our time). I met the rest of the advocates and they were shocked that I packed everything into a carry-on and my backpack for the trip. 
Having only slept about a half hour at that point, I could tell I was tired, so I fell asleep immediately as I boarded the flight to South Africa. Literally, I remember sleeping through takeoff!!



The 10 hour flight to South Africa started ok, but I will admit I was taken off guard when I looked at the flight tracker thinking we were half way through and we had actually been flying only two hours.

The KLM airline fed us multiple times and the meals, in my opinion, were excellent. I couldn’t believe how fresh fruits and veggies were used! I felt like I was eating healthier than at many restaurants! For one of our snacks we were given the choice of ice cream or crisps. (I later found out that crisps, are potato chips.)


While there were movies on the flight, I found the flight tracker to be incredibly entertaining! I now know that we flew at about 600 mph and at an altitude of about 40,000 feet. There was even a cockpit view!


By the end of the flight, I was exhausted. Quite honestly, I felt horrible. I knew I desperately needed sleep. Before I crashed on my bed, I had to take a picture of this incredible view above. I definitely feel like I’m in Africa when I wake up!


We had a leisurely morning at the Lodge as we enjoyed a South African brunch, introduced ourselves to each other and learned about the Take Action team and what they do. It was inspiring to hear how so many families have literally given up their lives and corporate, well-paying, careers . . . sacrificing everything, to serve where God needs them. God is doing the work, and they are His hands and feet. I loved how the one lady said, “We act out of obedience, because often our faith is not big enough.”

Tomorrow morning we will be traveling to a small town to the north to attend a children’s church started by a local South African named Norman. They said it will be very hot and dirty, but they did recently get chairs for us to sit on – so that’s good! Over 400 children walk to attend this children’s church every Sunday and they will just swarm us when we arrive!

I am sure I will have dozens of photos to be sharing with you tomorrow!


Written: 9.10.2016