News from Haiti: Hurricane Matthew


Thanks to all of you who have been praying for the country of Haiti. We wanted to pass along a few pieces of information we’ve received from our friends connected to Caribbean Vision Ministries with an update on how House of Hope and the Bible Institute are now that the storm has moved on. Below is a the most recent email from CVM director, Chuck Davis.

Dear Friends,

Thank you for praying for the people of Haiti, the Bahamas, and the United States. Caribbean Vision Ministries is serving Haitian people in each of these countries. This letter is an update and clarification on the folks we are involved with at this time.

If you are watching the TV news you know that the South part of Haiti was hit very hard by hurricane Matthew and many people were killed. Caribbean Vision is not greatly involved in that part of Haiti but we do encourage you to support relief efforts to the Haitian people through reliable organizations that are serving the Haitian people.

We are heavily involved in the Northern part of Haiti and we are thankful that this area of Haiti was not heavily impacted by hurricane Matthew. As far as we know at this time all our ministries, staff, and people we serve are doing well with only the usual water run off from rain and no wind damage. We will update this report as more information becomes available.

As reported in yesterday’s newsletter our churches in the Las Cahobas area of Haiti suffered some major damage to the church buildings. This is a very poor mountainous area of Haiti but a major church planting area for us. Pastor Elysee Joseph the CVM Field Director for Haiti, has talked with Pastor Daniel Cardichon, the Lead Pastor for the churches in the Las Cahobas area, and has clarified the information we received on the damaged churches. The up-to-date information follows:

La Piste this church suffered major roof damage and needs urgent repair. This is the key church in the Las Cahobas area for Pastoral training & church planting.

Grande Savane – this church was destroyed by heavy winds.

Cassaco – this church was under construction and lost a lot of the building materials.

Roche Pablic II- the roof panels were all blown away.

Guayai the church has serious damage.

Beaudrin has suffered major roof damage.

We have listed these churches by name so that you may pray for the people of these churches and their needs at this time. If these facilities are damaged you may be sure that many houses and other buildings suffered damage as well. We will report these things as we get information.

CVM is in the process of obtaining cost estimates on these church facilities so that we can find the best way of helping each of these churches. We will be needing funds to assist them in their building needs and possibly for their church family personal needs as well. We will keep you informed. You can make a financial donation to help in this situation by sending a check to Caribbean Vision Ministries, PO Box 18317, Panama City Beach, FL 32417 or go to our website and use Paypal to make a donation. Mark your gift for Las Cahobas, Haiti relief. 

                                        Caribbean Vision Ministries

At this time we are waiting on reports from the ministries we help in the Bahamas so we can report to you. Please pray for all the people in the Bahamas. We also serve many Haitian people in the South Florida area. This is where two of the CVM Board members live, Pastor Elysee Joseph (Field Director of Haiti) and Pastor Dumont Cardichon (Field Director for the Bahamas). Millie and I also have two grandchildren and one great grandchild living in South Florida so we would appreciate all your prayers for the people of South Florida. It looks like they will receive a direct hit by hurricane Matthew. 
Thank you for your continued prayers and support of Caribbean Vision Ministries and all the Caribbean people we serve in four different countries. Three of those four countries are directly affected by hurricane Matthew. So your prayers and financial help at this time would be greatly appreciated.

For His Kingdom,

Dr. Chuck Davis

The kids at House of Hope were moved to the Bible Institute but have now returned. We praise God that the effects of the storm were minimal in the North but continue to pray for the other regions that have been greatly impacted. We are still waiting for an update from our sister church in Bord-de-Mer as it is a coastal village and will pass along any information we receive as soon as we are able.

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South Africa Series: Kathy McClure (part 5)

The concert last night was incredible! This nation is in a hopeful place of change. Everyone I have talked to who has been here before say they notice it changing. God is at work.

South Africa recently had an election, and last night I learned that there are born again Christians now in leadership positions. I believe something big is happening here. And I am thrilled that I have had the privilege of seeing part of it on this trip.

Just a few quick things to think about, and that I will be thinking about on my trip home. Apartheid ended here in 1993 – only 26 years ago. More and more South Africans are learning about what happened at that time and the need for reconciliation. And it is starting to happen. That’s God at work.

My prayer is that more South Africans will be made aware of the poverty in the nation. It is hard for us to understand, but many of them do not know that less than 30 minutes away there is extreme poverty and families are living in huts made out of tin.

Pray with me their eyes will be opened. There were over 20,000 Christians worshipping God at the Bethel Concert last night. All I could think about during the concert was what would happen if each of those persons would travel to Hammensgrall or Maubane and help just one family! (Maubane has about 15,000 people living in it.)

It may seem impossible for people to change so radically so quickly, but our God is BIG. And He gives us HOPE!

I don’t want to overwhelm anyone, but I did want to share with you a home of a family in poverty. We met them two days ago. I’ll let the photos speak their own words.






Heading Home
Today we are flying back home to the States. We’ll leave at 11:30pm South Africa time (about 5:30pm EST) and then after 3 different flights I’ll be home in Pennsylvania late Saturday night.

I’m usually pretty flexible and adaptable, but I will be honest with you. The length of the flights on the way here definitely got to me. I appreciate your prayers on our flight home – I know it was difficult for others on the team too and some of them have further to go than I do.

Our team included advocates and leaders from Pennsylvania, Tennesse, Idaho, Illinois, Colorado, Canada, and Uganda!

Some of you have been asking about receiving the previous emails I sent on this trip (especially those of you who are just signing up for the email list now). I do plan on making posts on my blog of all of those emails, and I will keep this email list updated on those posts.

Thank you so much for following my trip with me and for all of the encouraging emails I have received from you. It has meant a lot to me and to the team!

See many of you soon!!!


Written: 9.16.16