A GROWing Partnership

Grace Church is so excited to be partnering with GROW. Faa & Ning shared powerful stories of answers to prayer during our Sunday morning worship services last week, and expanded on what God has been doing in the past year at the Missions Celebration. We also wanted you to be able to see this great new video from GROW (which was shown last Sunday night).

We are sending Heidi Christner and Joan McCracken to visit GROW from September 26-October 13th. During their trip, they will be able to encourage Faa, build relationships with the children and staff at GROW, and explore the possibility of taking short-term trips in the future. There is a prayer card and support letter for them located at the missions table in the church lobby.

Take a moment to pray for this amazing ministry, and consider supporting it by partnering with Heidi and Joan as they travel there in a few weeks!

<p><a href=”http://vimeo.com/100609817″>GROW – Grace Refuge Outreach Worldwide</a> from <a href=”http://vimeo.com/user7195014″>Jonathan H. Lee</a> on <a href=”https://vimeo.com”>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

Another Year is Here!

Grace Church staff welcomed the Lititz Christian teachers back with a few goodies as they returned for teacher orientation this week! We LOVE that our facility and ministry is not just about Sunday, but that children are being impacted on a daily basis through Lititz Christian’s K-12 school and our year-round Early Learning Center. In addition to a top-notch education and curriculum, young people are being equipped with a biblical worldview and prepared for a lifetime of serving Jesus.


 Take a moment to pray for the school year that is about to start!

Celebrating Missions: Part 2 of 3

Sunday night the Grace Church missions team hosted a missions celebration! Those who attended thoroughly enjoyed the variety of experiences throughout the night and walked away challenged to be more engaged in our responsibility to “reach the nations” with the good news of Jesus. This is the second blog in our series for this week highlighting different elements of the event in case you weren’t able to make it! (Click here if you missed part 1!)

Those who attended got their passports stamped on a journey around the world! Tables were set-up representing different short-term missions opportunities and ministries engaged by Grace Church people this summer. Tables included:

After visiting each table, “passports” were “stamped” and those with full passports entered a give-away to local “international” restaurants!


One of the required stops was the Grace Meeting Room, where the team from Haiti provided a more extensive presentation of their trip. Our prayer has been that people would have at least one interaction that would lead them to be more engaged in missions through Grace Church.

How are you “living on mission”? We’ll give you some practical ideas tomorrow!

Celebrating Missions: Part 1 of 3

Sunday night the Grace Church missions team hosted a missions celebration! Those who attended thoroughly enjoyed the variety of experiences throughout the night and walked away challenged to be more engaged in our responsibility to “reach the nations” with the good news of Jesus. We’ll post a few blogs this week highlighting different elements of the event in case you weren’t able to make it!

We’ll start at the end! We ended the evening by covering the entire world in prayer! Literally! We asked everyone who attended to pick 3 countries to pray for and had them circle the country name on a world map. It was awesome to see couples, families, and other individuals huddled together and praying for the work of the gospel across the entire globe! Many wrote the names of their countries down to continue to pray for them throughout the week as well. A changed heart is a work of God, so prayer is a powerful way to be involved in missions.

IMG_5335 IMG_5333 IMG_5334 IMG_5336 IMG IMG_5343

Another prayer element came in the form of a packet of prayer cards for all of Grace Church’s missions partners! We encouraged everyone to take one home and to place it at a visible place in their home to remember to pray for our partnerships and investments all over the globe. We continue to make new cards for Grace Church folks who are serving on short-term trips as well, so your pile can continue to grow over time. A display gave people ideas of how to use the cards:

  • Place them in a box in the middle of the dinner table and pray for one partner each night before dinner
  • Place them all in a photo album and keep it in your purse or with your Bible to pray during down-time or quiet time
  • Hang them on a line across a play-room wall to keep them visible and in the front of your mind
  • Clip them to your fridge with a fridge-magnet and pray for one when you open your fridge

If you missed the event, stop by the missions table in the lobby to pick a packet up, or contact the church office to mail you one!


A final prayer element that was quite moving was to have Faa, from our featured partnership, GROW, praying for us in Thai! Pastor Doug asked Faa to pray in either Aka (her native, tribal language) or in Thai. She chose to pray in Thai “because that’s the language she has memorized Scripture in”! In other words, she was praying Scripture! Though we couldn’t understand her prayer, our hearts were aligned and moved as we observed her passion while she spoke to God.

Fun, FREE Kids Event to Benefit SVPS and HOHC!


Grace Church has been involved with supporting HOHC (House of His Creation) and SVPS (Susquehanna Valley Pregnancy Center) for many years! Check out this great event, hosted by WJTL, that will benefit these two great organizations!

Come to Kids Cookie Break 14 on Saturday, August 30, 2014! There will be two identical programs (Morning 10 to 2 and Evening 3 to 7) at the home of WJTL, the Junction Center (1875 Junction Rd., Manheim, PA). Performances by Slugs & Bugs, Steven Courtney & The Suitcase Musicians, This Way Up, Jesse Rothacker & Forgotten Friend Reptiles, and Phredd. PLUS there will be a petting zoo, inflatables by Big Bright Bounces, Firetrucks, Pedal Cars, Candy Drop, tours of the WJTL facility, KCB games, prizes and more!

This year, everyone is encouraged to bring diapers, wipes or formula to donate to Susquehanna Valley Pregnancy Services and House of His Creation.

The event is FREE, however tickets are needed and became available for download  TODAY at 10am.  There will also be $5 Chick-Fil-A boxed lunches (including a Chick-Fil-A Sandwich, bag of Herr’s snacks, a bottled water from Turkey Hill, and a piece of fruit) available for purchase when you reserve your ticket to enjoy the day of the fest and to help offset the cost of this free event.

Click here to order your free ticket to the Morning Program

Click here to order your free ticket to the Evening Program

Remember tickets are available NOW and are limited. Last year this event “Sold Out” in less than 24 hours.

Presented by Turkey Hill Dairy’s All Natural Ice Cream
Sponsored in part by Chick-Fil-A, Herrs, & WJTL

You do NOT want to miss this event!


HISTORY LESSON (Cliff notes version):

  • About 2000 years ago, God expresses His love for sinful mankind by sending His Son, Jesus, to earth.
  • Jesus proves He’s God while living a perfect life, then coming back to life after being brutally murdered for sinful man.
  • Through this, Jesus becomes THE WAY for ALL OF MANKIND to be in relationship with God for all of eternity (rather than being doomed to separation from God for all of eternity).
  • Before Jesus returns to Heaven, He gives his followers a job – TELL EVERYONE THE GOOD NEWS!

Which brings us to NOW. When we choose to follow Jesus – accepting His free gift of salvation – He doesn’t swoop us off to Heaven! He leaves us here because He wants us to bring others with us. He wants the WHOLE WORLD to know how much He loves them.

Grace Church takes this job seriously! And this Sunday night we are going to celebrate what God is using our church to do – to reach people all over the globe with the GOOD NEWS!



  • To visit 9 tables representing people who have been ACTIVE in sharing the GOOD NEWS this summer!
  • To hear from the Haiti team who just returned a few weeks ago!
  • To consider a short-term opportunity to share the GOOD NEWS cross culturally!
  • To eat some yumm-o food!
  • To try and win a gift card to an “international” establishment!
  • To hear what God is doing through one of Grace Church’s new partners!
  • To receive a free gift that will help you more effectively engage in sharing the GOOD NEWS globally!
  • To buy an AWESOME MOTHCO (more than conquerors) shirt to benefit Urban Hope!
  • To participate in a prayer time for every single country in the world!


  • This Sunday, August 17
  • 6 – 8 p.m.
  • Grace Church Café!

world face


Return on YOUR Investment: Come Hear the Stories

Last week, 81 students from Grace Student Ministries traveled to Chicago for Momentum Youth Conference. This annual conference is a time when students get to drink from the fire hydrant of God’s Word through internationally known speakers and intense worship. ((PAUSE)) This trip was made possible by YOU and other people of Grace Church. How? Buying subs, eating at Isaac’s nights, personal donations, and the incredible $15,000 offering to off-set transportation costs! THANK YOU! ((RESUME)) The week concludes with a day-long service project where students get to immediately put their knowledge into action. (Check out more details and pictures about their send-off HERE and their service day HERE!)


The transition home after conference is always a challenge; a spiritual “high” colliding and meshing with “real life” at home. It is a time when we can come along out students to encourage them in the lessons and commitments they made, and spur them into the upcoming school year (SCHOOL ALREADY?!…yup)!

This coming Sunday night, August 3rd, GSM is hosting Youth Led Communion from 6-7:30pm in the cafe. In addition to the Communion aspects, there will be worship, baptism, and a time for students to share the lessons they’ve learned this summer. It will be a time for you to encourage our students, as well as be encouraged yourself.

You won’t want to miss this event! Bring the family, bring a dessert to share, and prepare yourself for what God is doing through the students of Grace Church!